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Lion of Judah Sounds

Release Date:

01 01 2008;

Listern to the Arch Angel Riddim mix

mixed by : DJ Plink

Album Details

  1. I Want to Know feat. Monty G and Positive
  2. I Choose You feat. Kristine Alicia
  3. GLove U in Truth feat. Mr. Lynx
  4. Lord to You feat. Ria Mark
  5. Consume Me feat. Emrand Henry
  6. In the Morning feat. Jumelle
  7. Calling Me Home feat. Mr. Danny
  8. No Me Without You feat. Dano Rolle and Sharai Thomas
  9. Everyday Yankee
  10. Reaching out 2 You feat.Twiggy
  11. Last Days feat. Ricardo Clarke
  12. Order my Steps Lynette White
  13. Show More Love feat. Gitta Dan
  14. My Mind is Made Up feat. Dwight Piper
  15. Hold on, Be Strong feat. Dj Counsellor F/ Vandera Woods
  16. Im Calling feat. Hozia
  17. Never Bun Him out feat. J Square

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