Riddim Driven: Chiney Gal & Blazing is the first album of the Riddim Driven series. It was released by VP Records in January 2001 on CD and LP.

Album Info...


Chiney Gal Riddim image


VP Records

Release Date:

01 01 2001;

Listern to the Chiney Gal Riddim mix

mixed by : Crown Prince

Album Details

  1. "Changes" – Cecile
  2. "New Application" – Elephant Man
  3. "Pretty Dunce" – Mr. Vegas
  4. "Give It To Dem" – Sizzla
  5. "Wok Dat" – Tanya Stephens
  6. "We Ah Friend" – Madd Anju, Kiprich
  7. "Counteract" – Beenie Man

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