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Q: So what exactly is a riddim, i hear you asking???

A: The official definition of a riddim (Rhythm) is below (based on Wiki) :

"Riddim is the Jamaican Patois pronunciation of the English word "rhythm," but in dancehall/reggae parlance it refers to the instrumental accompaniment to a song."

In my view this is the beat to the reggae songs and what makes our riddims unique is that, of all music genres reggae is the only one that allows any number of artists to make songs using the same riddim and each artist can make as many songs as they want as well.

Some say, this culture of sharing riddims originally developed from the ghetto singing competitions where they would play a riddim and all the competitors would do a "free-style" song to that riddim and based on the crowds reaction a winner would be chosen. This eventually started to attract a lot of attention from the music produces who would then go to these competitions to find potential artist, so not only would they now win a few dollars or whatever the price was, they would actually get a real music contract as well. This gave rise to a lot of famous artists ,some of which would have never made it big without such an opportunity, and eventually this became so big it gave rise to the so called "sound clashes" and free style clashes between big name artists and big name DJ's and fans would pay to go and watch these.

Now we have big name record label companies and producers that make these riddims constantly and invite artists to make songs on them and create these riddim albums that are featured here. Generally what would make a riddim "big" is one artist would make a great song on that riddim and because that song and riddim goes on and does well on the charts other artist would also make their songs on the riddim. Some of the riddim are made by well know producers that are famous for making good riddims and this generally attracts a lot of big name artist to make a song on that riddim and then the more big name artist the riddim has, the more famous that riddim album becomes.

A couple of DJ's, me included, have taken a step further with our love of reggae and riddims and made a few mixes with the most famous riddims (or the ones we love the most) generally this came about from when your are playing in a night club and mix a few songs from the same riddim, which blends well as these are all on the same beat, something which is only unique as well to dance-hall DJ's. So not only have we got option of playing different songs on different beats, we can also play different songs on the same beat and because some of these mixes are so well done you just have to record them and sit back and listen to them and think yes, this was a great mix.

And "voila" we have this site with a collection of these great MIXES for all to enjoy...

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